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About Us Enriching the tapestry of life

Dear Friends,

I have loved colors my entire life. It started with my fascination of crayons and the many magical colors contained in the big box. In my mind’s eye, there was a time to use sepia and another time where raw sienna better suited the object I was coloring, a time to use mahogany and yet another to use maroon. For some projects, navy blue was superior to violet blue, sky blue to turquoise blue, and aquamarine to cerulean. As I got older and left the crayons behind (although I never stopped loving the creative names assigned to each) I took art courses in order to own the rainbow of colored pencils, markers and water colors that these classes required. Eventually, I turned to textiles strolling up and down the aisles of fabric stores studying the patterns, textures, and of course the combination of colors in each pattern.

My love of color, unique fabrics, and amazing designs eventually led to my passion for beautiful clothing! I am inspired by unique and special pieces for women – pieces that contain unusual details, are comfortable, and of course, colorful. I admire the craft of embroidery often seen on clothing made in Asia and the Middle East. I like pieces that are whimsical and others that are timeless and elegant. In 2006 I traveled to Thailand where six beautifully-constructed pieces of clothing of my own design were handmade for me of gorgeous and colorful Thai silk. After receiving numerous compliments on these garments, in 2008 I journeyed back to Thailand to create a collection of 14 custom-made garments by adding eight more pieces to the original six.

As I was thinking of a name for this business, I thought about the beautiful lotus blossoms prevalent throughout Thailand. A lotus is such an interesting flower! I was fascinated by its many contrasts. For instance, the roots of a lotus begin in the muck and mud but quickly become a graceful and beautiful blossom rising above the water’s surface. Because of its start in muddy water, the flower’s first and most literal meaning is rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. The stems of the lotus are hollow but extremely tough on the outside. Since they rise above a surface of water, we’re fooled into thinking they are not well-anchored but quite the opposite is true. And, although a lotus rises from the water, its leaves are highly water repellent! The bud of the lotus symbolizes potential. Its leaves appear to be woven thus resembling a textile. All four elements appear in the lotus; earth, water, air, and fire. Teal is my most favorite color although admittedly limiting favorite colors to just one is no easy task for someone like me. I liked the sound of these two words together and I especially liked their combined meaning so from these thoughts, Teal Lotus was born shortly after my second journey to Thailand.

With Peace and Love, 


Summer Hours at Teal Lotus

Tuesday-Friday: 10-6

Saturday: 10-5

Sunday: 12-4